​​What is a pre-order?

Items marked as "Pre-Order" are not available for immediate shipment. The distribution date is indicated in the description of the page of each article, but there may be delays due to factors beyond our control.

​​What are the advantages?

By buying a pre-order the initial starting price is ensured since it can sometimes rise over time, depending on the demand. Also, some items may be sold-out even before they arrive, so sometimes this is the only way to get them.

​​Can a pre-order be canceled?

A pre-order can be canceled before 15 days without penalty.

A pre-order can be canceled if 3 months have passed from the initial release date and we have not yet received the item. Counting begins at the end of the indicated month.

If a pre-order is canceled by customer after 15 days and 3 months have not passed since the date on which the availability was indicated, 20% of the amount of the item won't be refunded. If 100% was paid, 80% will be refunded.

We order the items to wholesalers exclusively for the customer and cancellations harm us so we ask for a firm decision when placing orders. Delays in distribution will not be considered a reason to cancel a pre-order.

PayPal does not return fees when making refunds for orders older than 6 months and in that case they must be borne by the customer.

All transactions must be in euros and foreign exchange rates will be assumed by the client.

Refunds will always be made to a European bank account or by PayPal, and the customer is responsible for paying the exchange rate fees and any associated expenses.

​​How long do you keep my pre-orders since they are available?

A period of 3 months is given to complete the payment and delivery of pre-orders, counting from the day the availability notification email is sent, regardless of the other items that were in the original order. After that period, we reserve the right to cancel the pre-order without prior notice, being a unilateral cancellation by the client and the availability or initial price of the item is not guaranteed.

We cannot keep the articles for more than the stipulated period because it causes unnecessary management and storage expenses. Therefore, if after 3 months the client has not sent the item, the reservation will be lost, it will be put up for sale and the 20% deposit will not be refunded. If the item has been 100% paid for, 80% will be refunded.

The available pre-orders items have the date of entry into the warehouse, so you can verify it in your pre-order list in case you do not keep the availability email. You can also consult us and we will tell you the maximum delivery time for your pre-orders.

​​Are the indicated release dates reliable?

Unfortunately the release and distribution dates indicated by the manufacturers are not always met. We do our best to fulfill all orders on time, but it always depends on factors beyond our control. The deadlines indicated by manufacturers and distributors are sometimes set up to a year in advance, so delays are sometimes unavoidable. This should always be taken into account before buying a pre-pre-order.

​​Will you notify me if my pre-order is delayed?

We do not report delays in the shipment of items, we only contact customers in case the manufacturer reports the definitive cancellation, in which case the full amount will be refunded.

We are not always able to give estimates on the shipment of pre-orders since sometimes there are several delays until the manufacturer sends the item to dealer. We will have the final shipping date approximately one week before having the items in our warehouse, which is when we begin to notify customers by email

​​How long can the shipment of a pre-order be delayed??

Typically, it takes a manufacturer a few months to distribute the item worldwide. The release dates are set well in advance (sometimes more than a year) so there are many factors that can affect the timeliness of the launch and there are manufacturers that can take several months

However, if a reservation is delayed more than 3 months, we give the customer the possibility to cancel the order and get a full refund.

​​Will I always have the item guaranteed if I make the pre-order?

Unfortunately we cannot commit as collectibles may have limited runs and sometimes we do not receive all the volume we request. In those cases we will distribute the news as equitably as possible.

Orders paid in full will take precedence over those paid with deposit and the second criterion will be the order date. We reserve the right to limit the number of units ordered per customer in order to offer at least one to as many people as possible.


​​Do I have to pay the full amount to make the pre-order?

All our pre-pre-order items have the option of paying a 20% deposit or the full amount. To pay only the deposit you have to enter the article page and select the corresponding box. The deposit is part of the payment and when the process is completed, you will only have to pay the remainder plus the transport.

Shipping costs are not added when booking, but are paid when the package is about to be shipped.


​​How is the process to complete the payment / shipping of my pre-orders?

When we receive the news in the warehouse, an automatic email is sent to all customers who have a reservation. From that moment, the process can be completed from the section "Pre-orders" , in user control panel.

Once inside, a list will appear with all your pre-orders and it will be possible to put the available ones in the basket.

Articles do not need to be shipped individually as soon as they are available. Packages with multiple items can be combined and shipped, but remember that we only promise to store items for 3 months.

* The oldest pre-orders will not appear in the list and we will process them manually

​​The item I have reserved I have seen in another store / internet / social networks but it has not been shipped to me yet

Manufacturers have multiple distributors in Europe but they don't usually ship items to all at once. Usually the news are distributed in a staggered way around the world, appearing first in the USA or Japan and then in Europe.

Each store works with specific distributors and sometimes it is normal that some stores have certain items before others but it does not have to be something constant. Sometimes we are the first to receive the new releases and sometimes not ...

​​Can I buy any quantity of a pre-order item?

We reserve the right to cancel any unusually large or suspected resale order. In case of receiving fewer units than expected, only 1 or 2 units per customer will be supplied, depending on the case.  


About release dates

Launch dates indicated on the web are estimates subject to change by distributors and manufacturers, that is, they are not exact and there may be delays or advances. We do not expressly inform about delays. We only do it in cases of unilateral cancellation by the manufacturer.

At Pixelatoy we do not work or have direct contact with the manufacturers. We work with European distributors who carry out this function and provide us with the products. Once the distributor notifies us that the item is available, we inform the customer within 48 hours.

We are not responsible for delays or cancellations of item launches, either by manufacturers or distributors. 

The release dates indicated in the advertising images provided by the manufacturers usually refer to their departure in Japan or the USA, arriving in Europe later. This also means that although photos of the articles are seen on social networks, it does not necessarily mean that they have been distributed in Europe since they may take months to reach us.



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