Launch dates indicated on the web are estimates subject to change by distributors and manufacturers, that is, they are not exact and there may be delays or advances. We do not expressly inform about delays. We only do it in cases of unilateral cancellation by the manufacturer.

At Pixelatoy we do not work or have direct contact with the manufacturers. We work with European distributors who carry out this function and provide us with the products. Once the distributor notifies us that the item is available, we inform the customer within 48 hours.

We are not responsible for delays or cancellations of item launches, either by manufacturers or distributors. 

The release dates indicated in the advertising images provided by the manufacturers usually refer to their departure in Japan or the USA, arriving in Europe later. This also means that although photos of the articles are seen on social networks, it does not necessarily mean that they have been distributed in Europe since they may take months to reach us.


We are getting in touch with you to inform you of the current situation that we are experiencing in the supply of MATTEL products. The manufacturer is delivering the products to us in waves and will continue to do so until June. From MATTEL they confirm that it is a global situation.

From SD Distribuciones we are working to speed up distribution as much as possible, distributing in the most equitable and optimal way possible to be able to respond to the demand generated.

We regret the inconveniences that have arisen and we will keep you informed of the deliveries that we receive. The supplier has confirmed to us that 100% of the order will be served.

We apologize for the inconveniences,

SD Distribuciones team

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